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I recently returned from a two-week Italian road trip and it was quite simply, extraordinary. I’ve been undeniably gluttonous – according to my scales anyway – feeding my soul with the finest food, art and surroundings. It’s fair to say, my inner wanderlust has dreamt of Italy for as long as I’m able to remember, but in reality, it was a trip beyond all my expectations. I was captivated whole heartedly by the sheer beauty, passionate people and delicious cuisine, but above all, the art and the history that are so clearly engrained in the country. Art plays a huge part in Italian culture and is everywhere you look; in the architecture, on your plate and adorning the mannequins in store windows. After all, Italy is home to some of history’s most influential artists, along with fashion houses Gucci and Prada. Style and creativity pour into the everyday but somehow it seems effortless. I enjoyed wandering most of all, from exploring the backstreets of Rome to the galleries of Florence, I’ve clocked up countless miles and even more memories. Speaking of miles, driving in Italy was… an experience and I wouldn’t recommend you undertake it lightly! I lost count of the number of cars held together with tape and i’m not just talking wing mirrors! But travelling through at our own pace meant we could really marvel at the landscapes; nature at its most beautiful, from tumbling cliff top towns to exquisite, dreamy lakes, that are just, mesmerizing. We chose to visit May/June time, which was perfect as although the weather did reach around 35 degrees at times, it was just right for walking around without melting completely. We drove – and somehow survived – from Venice, right down to the Amalfi coast and in later posts I’ll share what we saw, ate and learned along the way, hopefully it will inspire you to make a visit and be a useful guide.

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