I’ve seen these floral letters posted around the internet for a while now and when it came to needing something colourful to brighten up my bedroom shelf, I jumped at the chance to create one. They are super simple to make and I’ve outlined the steps I followed below.

IMG_4775 (4)

What you’ll need;


I’ve seen many different methods of making the letter frame, however, this florist’s oasis letter is perfect; the plastic casing  means excellent longevity but also less faffing with oasis and more time to have fun playing around with flowers.
I paid £4.30 for the oasis letter and around £20 for a variety of flowers, all from Country Baskets. The flowers are priced slightly higher than you would pay at a craft shop or home store but they’re incredibly authentic looking and the results are worth the extra investment.


  1. Use the wire cutters to trim the flower stems using the depth of the oasis letter as a guide.
  2. Play around with the position of the flowers until you’re happy with the overall look.
  3. Press each flower stem into the oasis until it’s no longer visible.

IMG_4899 (2)

IMG_4907 (2)

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