In retrospect, we should have stayed in Florence for an extra day, as we used our first morning chillin’ out max by the incredible private pool of our apartment (which you can read about here) and the final day exploring nearby towns Siena and San Gimignano. Regardless of the limited time, we enjoyed a wonderful couple of days strolling the art galleries and feasting on delicious food and wine and it was bladdy larvly.

Tuscan food is all about great quality and steak is the regions speciality. It’s renowned and for good reason as it was the BEST steak I’ve ever tasted – surprising then that we didn’t see one cow whilst travelling along but that’s just food for thought.

Tuscany is often described as ‘Idyllic’ and I’d have to agree but Florence? Florence is magical; preserved so finely and if you delve a little deeper, the historic cobbled streets are full to the brim with culture and creativity. We stumbled across a fantastically wacky studio called San Jacopo Show; an amazingly quirky collection of handmade mannequins, vibrant screen prints and black and white photography.

The Ponte Vecchio bridge is so pretty. I loved its medieval buildings, filled with independent boutiques and artisan studios. It can get quite crowded but the view of light glistening over the river and colourful buildings is flawless, especially in the evening.

Above all, my favourite and most treasured memory of Florence has to be the view from above; the only thing on my ‘to-do’ list apart from seeing ‘the David’. The panoramic view is based at Piazzale Michelangelo – which coincidentally has a David replica, should you not have time to visit the Accademia Gallery. It’s not quite as breath-taking but ballsy non the less. You can walk, take the bus or a taxi for around 20 euros, which is what we did to save some time. Armed with a bottle of Prosecco, we sat in awe above the terracotta roofs, admiring the incredible Duomo; it’s magnificence is really put into perspective from this view, huh?

Florence is full of surprises around ever corner; ancient sculptures and street artists with background musical stylings courtesy of local street musicians and operatic buskers. It’s completely extravagant and undeniably romantic. I loved it. Madly.

IMG_1631 (2)

IMG_1769 (2)

IMG_1829 (2)

IMG_1817 (2)

IMG_1818 (2)

IMG_1823 (2)

IMG_1848 (3)

IMG_1914 (3)

IMG_1852 (2)

IMG_1882 (2)

IMG_1957 (2)

IMG_1986 (2)



IMG_1971 (2).JPG

IMG_2014 (2)

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