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Rolling hills, Chianti vineyards, stretches of olive groves and medieval villages are just some of the things that make Tuscany a treasure trove of Italian authenticity. We only had three days in Tuscany, two of which we spent in Florence but we took to the road for our final day to explore two hilltowns recommended by our lovely host Alessandra; Siena and San Gimignano.


I loved idling around Siena’s picturesque, windy streets, where restaurants, cafés and shops are quintessentially Italian; the region’s produce, quite literally spilling into the street, like an abstract piece of art. How charming is the local shop?! Siena is most famous for its Palio di Siena, a horse race held twice a year (July 2nd / August 16th) where jockeys ride bareback around the Piazza del Campo, the towns beautiful medieval square. Bond fans will recognise the race as it’s featured in Quantum of Solace, little trivia for ya. The gem of this city is it’s beautiful Cathedral, which, out of all the Italian basilicas, I think this has to be my favourite. It’s ever so pretty!


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San Gimignano

This historical town is full to the brim with medieval architecture. Its  14 remaining towers We didn’t stay very long but had just enough time



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