Pedal to the metal, we made it to the Amalfi coast and man, isn’t she radiant?! The finale to our trip, we really had left the best until last; glittering turquoise sea water, dramatic tumbling cliff tops and the vibrant rainbow of buildings scattered amongst them. Quite literally, heaven on earth. Head. Over. Heels.

Cooling off in the crystal clear waters, sunset dinners devouring way too many carbs and serene strolls through the cobbled old towns, we were living la dolce vita, well, for four days at least. Believe me though, after two weeks of non-stop sight-seeing and excursions, we couldn’t wait to relax and simply enjoy paradise or as the Italian saying goes, dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing).

Relaxation top of the agenda, naturally, we headed straight to the beach. The coasts of the south are pebbled, which may disappoint some but what it lacks in sand, it makes up for in charm and its striking backdrop of gravity defying towns dangling on cliff edges. We stayed in Praiano, comparable to Santorini, with its white washed buildings scattering towards the coast but spent most of our time in Positano, a 15 minute drive east. Admittedly, it’s the prettiest of the coastal towns, brimming with local craft shops and great restaurants but above all, it’s a treasure chest of postcard worthy views, b-e-a-utiful.

IMG_3074 (2)

Things to Do

Take a drive along the cliffs. It’ll test your nerves but there are some spectacular views and photo ops.

Visit the nearby towns. Each has a unique appeal, they’re only a few km apart and there’s regular bus services that only cost a few euros. On that note, lets hear it for the drivers managing to manoeuvre the tight cliff corners, it’s pretty damn impressive to watch.

Eat seafood! It doesn’t come much fresher.

Relax at the beach.  Positano beach is rather small, but neighbours Maiori and Minori have the longest stretches. Word of advise though, take some footwear for standing on the rocky seabed, your feet’ll thank ya.

Drink the local wine. Falanghina is lush – you have to try it!



IMG_2983 (2)

IMG_2995 (2)IMG_3133 (2)





IMG_3090 (2)





IMG_2984 (2)











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