The weather last weekend was just larvly, huh? I caught a glimpse of blue sky and within the hour, Darren and I were in the car, road trippin’ our way to the seaside. Only apparently, so was every other person in Yorkshire – that pesky sunshine and its alluring ways. We had a lovely day checking out the unique boutiques, strolling through the town and munching fish and chips – it’d be seaside sacrilege not to! I hadn’t been to Whitby for years, so it felt very nostalgic wandering the twisty, cobbled streets. Although, the cobbles didn’t seem to agree with my choice of footwear. These sassiest of all sassy boots are my Senso pony skin, babies – and I mean that quite literally. Even if I do look like an eccentric elf (thanks mum). In fact, I love them so much that these are actually my second pair! I lost the first after leaving them behind in Venice last year, replacing them with the very last pair on the website, in a tearful moment of mourning! Tragic, isn’t it? Anyway, enough of my shoe adoration, hope you enjoyed the little photo diary of our day.


IMG_8801 (2)

IMG_8841 (2)


IMG_8786 (2)

IMG_0469 (2)

IMG_8800 (2)


IMG_8842 (2)

IMG_8845 (2)

5 replies on “UK Day Trip: Whitby Photo Diary

  1. Whitby makes a good backdrop for your spotty shoes. So quaint. Whitby, not the shoes. The shoes are gorgeous. So is Whitby. Argh. You know what I mean, right?


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