Hola Amigos!

A couple of weeks ago, Darren and I escaped Grey Britain to spend a week basking in warmer climates. We traded in the snow and our winter thermals, to overdose on sunshine and siestas in the Canary Island, Lanzarote. With its otherworldly backdrop and pretty whitewashed villages, the trip completely surpassed my expectations – don’t you just love it when that happens? Generally, temperatures average 22C, making it perfect for sunbathers and sightseers alike. We’d both been super busy in the lead up to the holiday and just wanted to peace out and relax but as always, after a day or so of poolside reading, my childlike curiosity took over and I was itching to get out and explore. The Island’s landscape is CRA-ZY; dominated by mile upon mile of volcanic rock fields with noticeable ripples of flowing lava, frozen in time – it’s totally surreal. We spent our days cycling along the coastline, wine tasting at local vineyards and admiring the tons of beautiful hidden coves, filled with the clearest turquoise water fit for any mermaid. All of this topped off every evening with deliciously fresh food – what more could we  have wanted?

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Things to do

Timanfaya National Park

Want to be transported to another planet? Drive through the lava strewn landscape of the Timanfaya National Park and you’ll think you’ve landed on Mars. Seriously, it’s fascinating. In the heart of Montanas del Fuego the geothermal experiments demonstrate the power of the heat below the surface and you can walk into the oven where food is cooked using natural heat. The tour takes you through the park, around the major craters and past the epicenter of the last eruption – cool, huh?

Jameos Del Agua

Created by visionary artist Cesar Manrique, Jameos Del Agua is a magical leisure facility consisting of lake, swimming pool, auditorium and restaurant built within a volcanic cave. The stillness of the lake, combined with the atmospheric background music and overflowing flowers make it wonderfully serene. A must see, folks.

Teguise Market

Every Sunday, the old town of Teguise plays host to sprawling market. The stalls are very ‘samey’ but the quirky shops and art galleries have some really ecclectic pieces. There are some lovely cafes to chill out or have a bite to eat but it may take a little while to find a free table on their busiest day.


Cycling is a brilliant way to enjoy sunshine whilst exploring parts of the island that you’d otherwise miss out on. We cycled 20 miles along the coast from Costa Teguise to Puerto Del Carmen and back.

La Graciosa

There’s not much to see on neighboring Island of La Graciosa but that’s the charm; beautiful beaches and not a man made road in sight – paradise, anyone?


Take a ferry to neighboring Island Fuerteventura for a day at the sand dunes. This location was used by Ridley Scott as the backdrop for his recent movie Exodus.

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