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Running, it seems is the exercise equivalent of marmite; some folks love it and others, not so much. Personally, I really enjoy it. I find it to be therapeutic, almost. The perfect way to shut off  for a little while and pound out those niggling thoughts that consume me on a day to day basis.
Last week, I fell prey to my first running injury but don’t cry for me yet, hopefully its nothing that a few weeks of rest won’t cure. To be on the safe side though, I hobbled myself along to Up and Running to analyse my running technique on their in-store gait analysis.
Honestly, it’s THE best way to monitor form whilst running. As I ran on the treadmill, a camera filmed from behind – not the most flattering of angles, hence the lack of booty action shots but the service really is invaluable. The store expert was super helpful and showed me that I ran with my right ankle slightly bent inwards. How is that even possible? I have no idea  but this caused pressure from my hip, right down through my leg to my ankle and all because I was wearing the wrong footwear. By wrong, I mean a good few years old and completely unsupportive.
For so many years, I’ve  totally underestimated how important form, technique and more importantly correct footwear is when running. Enter my new snazzy Brooks running shoes! Pretty aren’t they? Just look at that marble effect along the bottom! Beyond aesthetics though, they’re super supportive, comfy and completely balance my posture. I would urge every runner to visit U&R; whether you’re a distance runner or an occasional jogger, it’s fundamental that you look after your body whilst exercising and their friendly experts will find the perfect pair for you.

How to remain injury free:

  1. Make sure your form is right and your footwear supports you correctly;
  2. Rotate between two pairs of trainers to allow your shoes the maximum amount of time to decompress after your last run;
  3. Always warm up before a run – when your muscles are cold you’re more likely to cause yourself an injury especially if you’re practicing high intensity interval training (HIIT) or upping your mileage;
  4. Always stretch afterwards – spend more than a couple of minutes stretching and you’ll reap the benefits. Allow yourself around 15 minutes to fully stretch out and try to use a stretching roller wherever possible.


2 replies on “Up and Running

  1. Great post…I’ve been meaning to book myself an appointment at our local running store. I was never a runner but started a couple of weeks ago (in old trainers) and you’re right, it’s so therapeutic.


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