Bruges has always appealed to me but for some reason, it’s never made it to the top of my  travel bucket list. Thankfully that all changed last weekend, with an opportunity in the form of a 48 hour visit, courtesy of P&O (but more on that later).

Oh, how foolish of me to have overlooked this beautiful city for so long, because honestly you lot, it’s downright magical. From the moment I spied it’s dreamy turrets through the emerald trees, I fell in love.

Entering Bruges truly feels like stepping onto the set of a fairy-tale; romantic canals, enchanted cobbled streets and medieval architecture to top it all off.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump (or two) from one side of the city to the other, which made wandering on foot really easy. We saw all of the sights at a relaxed pace, and even had time to stop of for a few cheeky speciality Belgian beers (or three).

We were extremely lucky on the weather front too, with temperatures reaching into the mid-twenties. The streets were bathed in glorious sunshine, that carried right on through into the evenings.

Okay, sure, it is very touristy but as long as you pay no mind to the hordes of camera yielding folk (myself included) and concentrate on delving into what the city has to offer, trust me, she’ll win you over too.

Here’s a quick guide to spending 48 hours ‘In Bruges’.

DSCF2512 (3)DSCF2522

Things to do

Climb the 366 stairs leading to the top of the Belfry tower where you can marvel at the city beneath you. Entrance fee is €10 and €8 for under 25s.

Take a walking tour of the ‘In Bruges’ film set locations.

Learn about life in medieval Bruges at the Historium museum based in the main market square.

Explore the city from the water. Boat tours are dotted around the main canal area. Tickets are €10 per adult.

The Salvador Dali Exhibition is a must see for art lovers. The set is brilliantly flamboyant and displays some of Dali’s most controversial, provoking and ingenious pieces, including his first ever series. Tickets are €10 per adult.

Search out the old windmills to the east of the city.

Spend a sunny afternoon at the beach.


Food and Drink

Comptoir Des Arts – this jazz and blues basement bar is on point and has a great vibe. They offer a huge selection of beers, friendly bar staff ready to provide recommendations and some seriously soulful tunes from the likes of BB King.

Sample some treats from the local chocolatiers – is there anything more indulgent than Belgian chocolate?!

Speaking of chocolate, waffles are sold on literally every street and can be topped with anything your heart desires; chocolate, cream, banana – the list is endless.

Try the mussels, if you’re a seafood fan, you’re in for a reel treat.

DSCF2656 (2)My happy place…surrounded by horses.IMG_3052 (2)Beautiful distressed floor tiles.

20160731_143959744_iOS.jpgView from the river boat.

DSCF3290You don’t have to walk far before stumbling across a lovely pastel hued house or two.

DSCF2533 (2)DSCF2518 (2)Delightful cobbled streets.

Think I may have found my new mantra.

IMG_3058 (2)IMG_3061 (2)DSCF2626The incredible view from the Belfry tower, if you can stomach the super narrow staircase.

DSCF2817 (2)DSCF2602 (2)The iconic market square.

IMG_3096 (2)Mussels? You must! Bruges’ speciality can be found on most restaurant menus.

DSCF2612 (2)A sampling of the medieval architecture on display.

DSCF2538DSCF2898 (2)More pastels.

DSCF2573.JPGDream car alert.

DSCF2722DSCF2724I like my outfits to compliment my surroundings.

DSCF2779untitled (2).png#tourist.

DSCF2828Try the pistachio ice cream – so tasty.

DSCF2955 (2)Watching artists at work is one of my favourite travel pastimes.

DSCF3038 (2)DSCF3052 (2)The City by night; a watercolour comes to life.

DSCF3181Gluttony wins again…

DSCF3331Sampling the tourist trap drink “Kwak” which is served in oversized test tube glasses.

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