Ciao! I’m back home after an unforgettable five days on the beautiful island of Venice and I’m so excited to give you the low down on our trip.
Today’s post, is all about our day trip to Burano; an island located just north of Venice, in the Venetian Lagoon. I first heard of Burano a few months ago, when it appeared as Bing’s Image of the Day (hallelujah, for whatever random question I needed the answer to that day). It went straight to the top of our Italian itinerary and holy mother of wanderlust, I’m so glad that it did.
As we approached the island, I felt like I was looking at Venice through a kaleidoscope, with The Beatles playing in the background – picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. I reckon Burano is pretty damn close to encapsulating that image, only with sapphire skies and rainbowed houses, instead. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen so much colour in one place before; even the sunny, mirrored reflections in the canal resemble vibrant watercolours. It really is stunning. 
The array of colour is not just confined to the flanks of the canal; it spreads through the streets, into the little nooks. We spent the entire day uncovering the multi-coloured gems hidden within the alleyways, admiring the seriously inspirational outdoor plant décor and of course, taking it all in whilst enjoying an aperol spritz alfresco.
It’s a great place for people watching too, whether it’s the friendly locals perched on their doorsteps or the lace artisans creating the island’s renowned lace items.
Although it’s a popular day trip, Burano doesn’t feel overawed by tourists and in comparison to the masses that descend on Venice, it was a refreshing change of pace. 
Getting there is really easy, as it’s only a 45 minute boat ride away from Venice. The trickiest part is finding the water bus station (Fondamente Nove) but really, if that means getting lost in the heart of Venice, who the hell cares?!
I hope these pics capture your heart as much as they did mine!
















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