Hello, hello, hello! A small helping of home décor inspo in today’s post. I haven’t mentioned it here yet but Darren and I moved in together a few months ago which is all very exciting and we started working on revamping our home pretty much straight away. Rather than taking it bit by bit, we’ve (lost our minds) dived head first into redecorating the entire downstairs; the kitchen is mid-total redesign, the stairs have been sanded and my moving boxes have been piled high all over the place. It’s been chaos in truth but the living room is finally close to being finished (hurrah). Since we have one room that doesn’t resemble a hoarders dream house, I thought I’d share a little progress update with you.
We want our space to really reflect our personalities and I love how it’s all coming together. I’m a collector (aka hoarder – I’ll admit it!) of interesting things that I’ve gathered over the years, many of them whilst travelling but also through searching out treasures at boutiques and vintage fairs.
It was really important for me to have somewhere special to display them, so we snapped up these beautiful reclaimed wooden shelves on eBay. The seller couldn’t have been more helpful; he cut them to the exact size that we needed and delivered within days, all for a reasonable price. I’m really pleased with the outcome; they look bladdy awesome.


The star of the show is my new theatre lamp that Darren bought me for my birthday, it’s such a stand out piece and really adds personality to the room. I’m not sure where this one is from but there are lots of different styles available on eBay. The three wise monkeys wooden figure is from a Moroccan souk; the mannequin is one of my favourites, an artist’s studio in Florence had tonnes of different designs but the His Master’s Voice image sold it for me; the Mexican skull was a hand painted gift from a friend, I love that it’s truly unique and brightens the shelf up.
The wooden colour pop bowls were from Oliver Bonas a couple of months ago. The large terrarium was from TKMAXX and only cost £6. I’d definitely check them out for a cheaper alternative to the pricier ones on the market. TKMAXX are also brilliant for unique picture frames. The small terracotta potted cacti were from Homebase and the larger cactus was from Abbey Brook Cacti Nursery, which you can read about here.


 The rooms will constantly evolve, as I find new things to incorporate; a plant here, a print there but I’m happy with the way it’s shaping up so far and I’d love to hear what you guys think!

7 replies on “Home Decor Update

  1. YAY! Congrats that you move together and for the great outcome of your decor initiative. I moved with my boyfriend 5 years ago and we are still trying to put all together and with this post I feel re-inspired to try (again) :)


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