It’s been quite a while since I got my craft on, so I’m easing myself back into it with these super simple DIY table coasters. I’ve been on the hunt for coasters for longer than I’d like to admit (I know, so rock n roll) as the ones I’ve come across have been slightly boring.
I spotted these srsly beautiful tiles whilst scouting out a new floor for the kitchen makeover and knew they’d make a great little addition to our revamped living room. The pattern mimics that of traditional hand painted terracotta tiles a la Spain, Mexico and the like, which perfectly complements the bohemian vibe I’ve been going for.


Tiles: I picked up these babies from my local tile shop. Individual tiles can be bought as samples for around £1, so you can buy as many as you need.
Matting: you could also use sticky pads underneath, which you can pick up at local DIY stores but I have a new oak coffee table that I’m not taking any chances with. Rubber matting is also much cheaper (around £1 per roll).
1. Using a tile as a template, cut the rubber matting slightly smaller than the size/shape of your tile.
2. Place the tile upside down and lay the glue around the edge of the tile (leaving around a half cm gap at the edge) and diagonally across the middle.
3. Place the rubber matting onto the glued tile and press firmly.
4. Leave to dry and hey presto, you have yourself some beaut (and inexpensive) table coasters.


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