Well hello there. Christmas is only a few days away, and we’re getting all festive up in here today with two quick and simple DIY wreaths. For the past two years my (florist) friend Jess has held a wreath making workshop in early December for a few friends and I to get together and put our (barely existent) floristry skills to the test. I absolutely love it; there really isn’t a better way to get yourself into the festive spirit that making your own wreath, over a few glasses of mulled wine and some Christmas tunes.
Making a traditional wreath is fun but admittedly it’s rather time consuming, which got me thinking about ways to make a simplified version. These two wreaths are super easy to make and add that extra festive je ne sais quoi to your front door or  interior Christmas décor.
Branch Wreath
What you will need:
Foliage of any kind; I used evergreen from my garden
Branches (the bendier the better!)
Festive Flowers; I chose red berries
Floristry wire
Wire cutters

Fasten together some of the branches with the floristry wire to create a longer, thicker piece. Mould the branches into a circular shape to form the base of your wreath and secure both ends together with wire.

Bunch pieces of evergreen together and fasten to the base creating an overall ‘V’ shape. The evergreen should be thick enough to cover the entire base.

Wire the flowers/berries securely in the centre of the evergreen and to finish, tie a bow using the ribbon, thread a piece of wire through the back of the bow and securely fasten to the bottom of the wreath.


Eucalyptus Wreath
What you will need:
Festive Flowers; I chose eryngym thistles and delicate baby’s breath flowers
Floristry wire
Wire cutters

Wire pieces of eucalyptus together to create one long steam, then create a circular wreath shape and wire the two ends together.

Wire together a small bunch of your flowers together and fasten securely to the eucalyptus wreath. Repeat this step until you are happy with the overall look.


and Voilà, as easy as one, two three, ey?

If you fancy testing your skills at the real thing, have a look at my post from last year, which talks you through step by step of a traditional wreath.

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